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Students participate in a hands-on activity at the museum.

The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture offers several choices of thematic tours with related hands-on activities for grades K-8. Special thematic tours for high school students may be arranged and include a gallery or classroom activity.

The Passport Tour

This tour of the museum's permanent exhibition, Here, Now and Always takes students on a walk through time, highlighting cultural objects in relation to history. Students create a comprehensive map of the Southwest in our education classroom as part of this tour.

The Stories Tour

This tour of the exhibitions Here, Now, and Always and the Buchsbaum Gallery of Southwestern Pottery focuses on the dynamic oral traditions of Indian people and how these traditions are transmitted between generations and reflected in art. Each museum visit includes a gallery tour, a choice of several related hands-on projects in the classroom, and listening to Native American stories.

Weaving Tour

This tour highlights the exhibition Here, Now and Always, focusing on various traditions and aspects in weaving within the cultures of the Southwest. In the classroom, students learn to weave several different designs on a loom they take home.

Thematic tours with hands-on activities are offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00am in the Living Traditions Center of the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture. Each scheduled museum visit includes:

  • Confirmation packet of materials for classroom use
  • Tour of galleries related to the theme selected (approximately 45 minutes)
  • Hands-on activity in the classroom (approximately 45 minutes)

To schedule a school tour visit to the museum, please contact Dina Velarde by email at or telephone at 505/476-1272.