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Virtual Tours

A photograph from a 3D model of the Voices of the Clay: San Ildefonso Pottery, 1600 - 1930 virtual tour

Voices of the Clay: San Ildefonso Pottery, 1600 - 1930
Curators Bruce Bernstein, Erik Fender and Russell Sanchez in partnership with potters and today's community members bring this important project to the public's attention to help in creating more appreciation of the depth of artistic creativity and cultural knowledge incorporated into San Ildefonso Art. MIAC's important collections are featured, many of the pieces never exhibited.

A photograph from a 3D model of the Diego Romero vs. the End of Art virtual tour

Diego Romero vs. the End of Art
Diego Romero vs. the End of Art is a dynamic exploration of a Cochiti Pueblo artist's journey through life as depicted through his work. This exhibition share's Romero?s unique and engaging stories of life and struggle through a cultural and pop culture lens, and visitors will learn of Native survival and ultimately celebration.

A photograph from a 3D model of the Here, Now and Always virtual tour

Here, Now and Always
Three simple words - Here, Now and Always - tell the story of the Southwest's oldest communities. From elder to younger, each generation has taught the next: We are here, now and we will be here always. This exhibition is currently closed for construction and is expected to open in 2022. Visitors can still view this historical online exhibit that shares the beauty of the Indigenous Southwest.

A photograph from a 3D model of the The Buchsbaum Gallery of Southwestern Pottery virtual tour

The Buchsbaum Gallery of Southwestern Pottery
The Buchsbaum Gallery exhibits nearly 300 vessels created by outstanding ceramic artists of the Pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona, from the inception of pottery-making in the Southwest up to the present. A study center for serious scholars, collectors, and visitors to the region, the gallery opened in 1997 through the generous support of Jane and Bill Buchsbaum of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Online Exhibitions

The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture produces online exhibitions illustrating themes and ideas related to Native American material culture. Some online exhibitions complement the exhibitions on view in the galleries, others are created specifically for the Web.

Turquoise, Water, Sky
This online version of "Turquoise, Water, Sky: The Stone and Its Meaning" highlights the Museum?s extensive collection of Southwestern turquoise jewelry and presents all aspects of the stone, from geology, mining and history, to questions of authenticity and value.

Travels With my Aunt
"Travels With my Aunt" tells of a unique collection of objects acquired by Sue Bacharach (1902-1999), a woman whose love of travel was exceeded only by her discerning eye for collectibles.

Touched by Fire
Showcases the life and work of Maria Martinez, the legendary San Ildefonso potter who forever changed the world of Indian art.

Tourist Icons
"Tourist Icons: Native American Kitsch, Camp, and Fine Art Along Route 66" highlights Native American art and artifacts of the Route 66 era.

Comic Art Indigene
In Comic Art Indigène Indian artists articulate identity, politics, and culture using the unique dynamics of comic art.

Roads to the Past: 50 Years of Highway Archaeology in New Mexico
This exhibit celebrates the history of the New Mexico Highway Archaeology Program and highlights some of the many important discoveries that benefit both professionals and the public.

Road to Rediscovery
In recent years, highway archaeology projects have begun to use more rigorous scientific objectives. Find out what was learned about one site using new techniques.