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The Artist as Collector: A Visit to the San Ildefonso Home of Russell Sanchez

A Friends of Indian Art Member Event

September 17, 2020 3:00 pm through 5:00 pm

Russell Sanchez is a very familiar and lauded name to Native art collectors, most recently taking home the Best of Pottery award at 2019 Indian Market. But you may not know that he is a wide-ranging art collector himself. His historic adobe home sits right on the main plaza of San Ildefonso Pueblo, but he has continued to add on to the space over the years to house his growing art collection. From stunning Venetian chandeliers, to folk art from the around the world, to a wide range of Native art, Russell’s eclectic tastes and interests are on full display at his unique home. Hear how he approaches collecting art from the perspective of being an artist himself. 

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