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Breakfast with the Curators: Exhibition Preview and Collections Tour

Horizons: Weaving Between the Lines with Diné Textiles with co-curators Dr. Hadley Jensen and Rapheal Begay (Diné)

September 30, 2022
8:30 am through 11:00 am

Exhibition Preview and Collections Tour: Horizons: Weaving Between the Lines with Diné Textiles, with co-curators Dr. Hadley Jensen and Rapheal Begay (Diné)

The horizon line is both a point of connection—between sky and earth—and a separation of space. Horizons: Weaving Between the Lines with Diné Textiles explores the connections between weaving and photography as modes of engagement with place in the American Southwest. By situating these two media in conversation, this exhibition examines each as a way of seeing and knowing Dinétah, the Navajo homeland. Building upon previous and ongoing collaborations with the Navajo Nation, this landmark exhibit brings land and landscape into view as an “object” or site of inquiry, both historically and into the present.

Opening summer 2023, Horizons: Weaving Between the Lines with Diné Textiles showcases over 30 textiles and related items from the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture’s (MIAC) extensive collection. The project will generate new scholarship and interpretive frameworks that specifically work with, and towards, decolonial and community-oriented methodologies, grounding the project in Diné knowledges, lifeways, and cultural practices. Shaped by the voices of contemporary weavers and cultural practitioners, Horizons will provide museum audiences with a deeper understanding of Diné artistry and ways of knowing, past and present.

Join us for a discussion with the curators and an exclusive behind-the-scenes collections tour.