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ENGAGING THE FUTURE: Conversations with Goodman Fellowship Artist

David Naranjo (Santa Clara, San Juan and Cochiti)

December 15, 2021 10:00 am through 11:00 am

His work has been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Singular Couture Gallery, FarahNheight Gallery, and has been featured in the Surface Design Journal and on the cover of Local Flavor Magazine 2018 August issue. Symbols and iconography depicted on pottery and embroidery are not only for ornate decorative purposes, but carry great symbolic significance and serve as visual representations of the landscape, natural world, and, if used properly, for prayer. When wearing a silk jacket or tank top, you become the vessel, carrying and embodying those traditional teachings and value systems with you. There is truth to our way of life and knowledge deeply rooted and embedded within Puebloan art forms.