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Breaking Down Cardboard Boxes: How Archaeology Can Erase Histories and How It Can Reveal Them

with Dr. Lewis Borck

July 29, 2020
6:00 pm through 7:00 pm

Dr. Lewis Borck studies the material histories of the past peoples in the American Southwest and the Caribbean. He is particularly interested in how social movements and contentious politics shaped religion and politics through time as well as how modern politics and worldviews recreate the histories and ideas of the “West” in the Indigenous past.

For this talk, Dr. Borck will explore how archaeologists and historians create history, how that can erase the history of commoners, particularly of their politics and revolutions. He will use 15 years of research in the Gallina region of New Mexico, including a current field school, as a case study to contextualize many of these ideas. Link to access lecture at 6pm on Wednesday, July 29: