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Canes of Power Film Screening

with Dr. Matthew Martinez

January 19, 2020 1:00 pm through 3:00 pm

George Rivera Pojoaque
Former Pojoaque Governor George Rivera holds three canes.

The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture announces a screening of Canes of Power. Following the film, a Q&A will be led by Dr. Matthew Martinez, the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture’s deputy director, and associate producer of the film.

Canes of Power, narrated by Cherokee Actor Wes Studi – a recent Academy Award recipient – is the story of President Abraham Lincoln’s gift of engraved wood canes gifted to each of New Mexico’s 19 Pueblo nations. The canes symbolized the recognition of tribal sovereignty at the very same time 13 Southern states were seeking their own sovereignty (in the form of succession) from the United States. 


Grouping of Canes
A grouping of several of the canes gifted by President Lincoln to the Pueblos in 1863.